What is Figs In The Park all about, for many years I have enjoyed walking around various areas in Brisbane and take photos of landmarks and sometimes of trees I have seen along the way. I always liked to look at photos taken from the same site but year apart and compare the changes.

One of the reasons for walking was also to try to get some exercise but walking 10,000 steps and stopping 100 times to take photos is probably not the ideal exercise but at lease it is some and I enjoy doing it. (I did walk 26,600 steps in one day though.)

On 26th January, 1999 when I purchased my first digital camera on a walk along the Riverside Promenade (from Boundary Street near the Storey Bridge) to South Bank I took a picture of a fig tree on a rock wall just below the Treasury casino. The picture quality in those days was very poor but this was the start of the digital revolution and I was there for the ride.

I am producing a DVD disk that is intended to become a photographic record of figs growing in and around Brisbane.

I have not restricted my pictures to only parks but also includes many other areas such as Reserves, Streets etc but I have endeavoured to keep all the sites public areas.

Most of the pictures are taken in Brisbane but some are in other areas eg Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton and Redlands and lately even further afield.

Because of the large scale of this project there will not be a complete copy for quite some time, but because of the nature of this project it should not matter.

My thoughts are that this disk is not like a picture book where you look at every page. That will take a long time with this disk but it is a reference for areas you may know or visit to see what is in your area.

I hope it will be a good reference in years to come - eg in 10 years are they still growing well, how have they changed. (I have already seen some trees that are struggling under modern conditions - bitumen right up to the trunk etc.)


Peter Scopes


22nd July, 2007

To date 13th April, 2013 I have visited 2,332 areas but there is still about 145 areas to visit plus any other areas I find that are not listed.

I have finished visiting 162 of 189 suburbs.

I project will still take a few more years to complete but I have already produced a DVD of the areas I have visited.

  The parks etc I hope to visit is from a list produced by the Brisbane City Council   

   My Neighbourhood a detailed map of Brisbane       (select Council Facilities then Council Parks)

I am always looking for more fig sites I do not know about (& not in the BCC list) so send me an Email of the location or even a picture & the location. 

If you would like a DVD disk with all the picture I have taken to date please send me an Email with your postal address.

This disk needs to run from a computer & it is best to view it on a monitor with a minimum resolution size of   1152 X 864

13th April, 2013 The above free disk is no longer available, there is now too much data. It now requires a 16GB USB drive.

Contact me if you would like a copy and we can arrange a copy.

10th October, 2017 Now requires 36.4GB USB drive



        = some Park visited

Cecil Street, Bardon - growing in a rocky creek  (click for more)